Savoury Cheese Wedding Cakes

Savoury Cheese Wedding Cakes are a great choice for couples looking for something delicious but different! We’re not talking about just tiers of cheese, we mean actual savoury cakes, without any sugar. Tiered Savoury Cheese Cakes and Sweet and Savoury Combination Cakes are a fun option and look fabulous too. They make an amazing alternative wedding cake which will surprise and delight your guests! They can be decorated just like a buttercream, semi-naked or naked cake with fresh flowers, metallics, fruits but also wafer paper flowers so you can get the look and colours you want, even when the flowers you would love to use are toxic and so not an option.

Savoury Cheese Wedding Cakes can look really beautiful and they come in all sorts of moreish savoury flavours. Decorated with beautiful fresh flowers, herbs and fruits they look simply stunning! We also recommend styling them with gold leaf and edible fresh flowers, wafer paper flowers, piped flowers and fruit leather decorations. The possibilities for taste and decoration are as plentiful and diverse as the visions and ideas of our clients!

We also make Savoury Mini Cakes & Savoury Cupcakes. They’re are a great way to offer your guests a real choice when it’s time to serve your wedding cake. They’re also a fabulous choice for your evening wedding buffet.

Have a look at our Savoury Cakes Menu where you will see our current favourite choices. If you have a particular flavour in mind then just ask. Some of our best flavour suggestions come from our clients.

With a similar consistency to traditional sweet cakes, savoury ones contain no sugar. We fill them with delicious savoury ingredients instead. We combine layers of savoury sponge with delicious homemade chutneys and preserves as well as light and fluffy cheese creams made from gorgeous cheeses. Just like tiered sweet cake, savoury cheese wedding cakes can contain a different flavour in each tier.

If you would like to discuss a savoury cheese cake for your wedding or event then please feel free to contact Penelope Hurst on 07904536091, email us at or simply use our Contact Form.

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