Mini Cakes & Favours

Cocoa & Whey also make other delicious and beautiful treats for you and your guests. Cupcakes, mini cupcakes, mini cakes, macarons and cookies can all be made to tie in with the design of your main cake. Boxed cupcakes and macarons make delightful gifts for guests to take home as wedding favours. Favours are a lovely way to say “thank you” to your guests for all their support. 

Macarons & Macarons Towers

Macarons are so moreish and delicious. A combination of meringue and almonds and sandwiched together with luxuriant ganaches and buttercreams, they taste fabulous. We make macarons in lots of different flavours. They can be beautifully painted and decorated to tie in with your event. We make them as favours wrapped in ribboned gift bags and also in boxes. Macarons Towers make a great alternative to a wedding cake. They also work well as a compliment to your main cake. Macarons are charming as they are, but they can look really stunning flecked with gold, painted with a design or decorated with sugar blossoms.

Wedding Favours - yellow, pink and gold macarons favours in boxes

Our favourite macaron flavours are Raspberry, Marc de Champagne and Earl Grey but we also make them in many other flavours too. Why not try Chocolate, Rose, Strawberry, Lime & Coconut, Pistachio, Vanilla, Coffee, Salted Caramel, Passion Fruit, Orange and Mango. You can suggest your own flavours too!

Cupcakes & Mini Cupcakes

Cupcakes and mini cupcakes are a great alternative to a large wedding cake and a beautiful addition to a dessert table. Whether fondant iced or decorated with a buttercream swirl and beautiful sugar blossoms, cupcakes can look really delightful.

Gold lustre cupcakes with sugar hydrangea blossoms in pink and blue

We make cupcakes in all the different flavours available on our cake menu. We also make Savoury Cupcakes and Savoury Mini Cupcakes too! You can find more details by taking a look at our Savoury Cake Menu.

Other Treats

As well as Macarons and Cupcakes we also make meringue kisses, cookies, cake pops, truffles and other delicious confectioneries. 

Wedding Favours - Wedding Cookies iced in cream fondant with black animal silhouettes

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